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Mission Statement

DOWNTIME is a collective of independent filmmakers with the goal of creating the structure, time and community we need to grow as artists.


One evening together, we realized we were all experiencing the same desire to make more films. However, the financial burden and logistical challenges felt like an insurmountable barrier. Other crafts can be more easily practiced every day, but filmmaking requires equipment, crews, actors, locations, and so much more that it can feel inaccessible and even impossible to create at times.


The solution to this problem seems obvious to us now: by joining together and supporting each other, we can make filmmaking an achievable and accessible art form. We share resources, costs, and responsibilities, working together in non-traditional, fluid crew positions and producing multiple films simultaneously so that every member has the opportunity to direct original work regularly. This approach strips filmmaking down to its essentials, making the process financially feasible while fostering a collaborative environment that encourages us to take risks and grow together as creators.


With each project, we have become a stronger, smarter, and more efficient team. The limits we have faced have started to break away, and the big blue sky feels a little more within our reach.


Aidan Macaluso

Gabriella Murillo

William Miller

Patrick Koehle

Samuel Gorman

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